Service Team

With over 100 years in the South African machine tool industry, we have earned the reputation of being a customer-centric, trustworthy and dependable supplier of high-tech machine tools.

F&H has formed strong partnerships with its customers by offering outstanding support and service through its OEM qualified and certified service team. To maintain this we offer specialised OEM training for our technical sales and support staff at international suppliers on an ongoing basis

This process also enables F&H to keep abreast of the latest technologies and industry trends, enabling us to share this expertise with customers to make their operations more productive and competitive.

We offer the following services:

  • Sales and servicing
  • Repair and servicing of our machine tools
  • CNC machine tool calibration
  • Operator training
  • On-site demonstrations

Procedure for having your service call logged:

Dial +27 11 397 4050 – 58 and ask for service helpdesk (Ext. 126). Alternatively click here and complete the enquiry form.
Our friendly assistant will log details of your service request and issue you a service request tracking number.
A service engineer will attend to your service request and/or delivery of your spares will be expedited to your premises.